Ages 2 to 5 Years

5 Years Old Start Here

The Kids Fitness Academy Active Start Course is tailored specifically for Early Childhood Development.  The earlier we get started the easier it is to create good movers.  This plan

  • Ingrains Fundamental Movement Patterns
  • Stimulates Motor Skills
  • Improves Neural Adaptation
  • Prepares Child for Middle Childhood

Our Active Start Course is a 4 Lesson Plan series that will ensure your child is working towards developmental benchmarks and preparing for FUN-Damentals training.

  • Plan 1 – Finding Balance
  • Plan 2 – Self Awareness
  • Plan 3 – Directional Change
  • Plan 4 – Eye Hand/Foot Connection

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Active Start Course 4 Plan Series 



Ages 5-8 Years

8 Years Old Start Here

 This Kids Fitness Academy course will pick up where Active Start leaves off!  The FUN-Damentals Course is designed to be enjoyable but still continue our Long Term Physical Development.  The program

  • Reinforces Active Start Skills
  • Evaluate Early Childhood Benchmarks
  • Introduce New Benchmarks and Skills
  • Prepare to Train During Adolescence

Our FUN-Damentals Course is a 4 Lesson Plan that will challenge your child and progress them toward a lifetime of Physical Activity.  

  • Plan 1 – Core Strength and Stability
  • Plan 2 – Dynamic Movements
  • Plan 3 – Object Control
  • Plan 4 – Muscular and Cardio Endurance

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FUN-Damentals Course 4 Plan Series



Ages 8-12 Years

12 Years Old Start Here

The Kids Fitness Academy Learn to Train Course is the final step before Adolescence Development.  Your child is ready mentally and physically to embark on safe resistance training and skill development.   It’s imperative at this time we:

  • Reinforce Complex Motor Skills
  • Reinforce Balance and Mobility
  • Improve Strength and Endurance
  • Promote Cardio Capacity

Our Learn to Train Course is 4 Lesson Plan that will prep your child for what ahead of them in Health, Fitness, or Sports.

  • Plan 1 – Introduce Strength Training
  • Plan 2 – Introduce Power Endurance
  • Plan 3 – Introduce Functional Training
  • Plan 4 – Implement Speed and Agility Training

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Learn to Train Course 4 Plan Series


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